Q: What is Market Driven Pricing?

A: Bobby Rahal listens to clients' comments and concerns and strives to continually improve and provide the best automotive experience available. Our clients tell us they want to simplify the car buying process; they expect accurate information provided to them, and they want total transparency throughout the experience.

Market Driven Pricing is our solution. We give you posted prices upfront - researched to bypass the back and forth negotiated prices offered elsewhere in the market. We don't start with inflated prices hoping to win a "negotiating" contest with you, our valued client.We provide an "upfront price" not only on the vehicle, but also on all prices down the line - finance rates, extended warranties, accessories, paint and fabric protection, and trade in values that we stand behind whether you buy from us or from someone else.

Q: When did you switch over to Market Driven Pricing?

A: We made the decision in 2010 to move our pricing structure over to this new model to help streamline the buying process for our customers.

Q: What does Market Driven Pricing mean to me?

A:We provide you with competitive prices on all of our vehicles, all of the time.We want you to enjoy ownership with complete peace of mind. Enjoy a simple, informative, hassle free, car buying experience.

Q: How do you come up with your Market Driven Pricing?

A: We rigorously research the market to find transaction prices acquired by research savvy customers on KBB.com, edmunds.com and TrueCar.com. We then compare these prices to other dealerships in Central Pennsylvania to ensure you're getting a competitive, up-front price.

Our transparent pricing philosophy extends to your trade as well. We stand behind our numbers.Any offer we make on your trade is one we're willing to purchase your vehicle for, regardless of your plans to purchase a vehicle from our dealership.This provides you with a distinctive line separating your trade from the vehicle you're interested in buying, so you can be confident you're getting the deal you deserve.

Q: Why should I choose Bobby Rahal?

A: Conducting fair and honest business transactions with our clients has always been the Bobby Rahal Automotive Group "brand".We are taking this approach to a new level by drawing a clear distinction between our group and other dealers who rely on games, gimmicks, and confusing advertisements designed to attract your attention.We encourage you to see us before you buy. Our goal is to ensure you have the most enjoyable car buying and ownership experience - bar none.