Lease vs. Buy
You're shopping for a new car, but have you considered leasing? Have you ever said to yourself that you don't want to lease because you like to own your Honda Sedan? Consider this: the average length of a new Honda loan is 67 months. The average length of Honda ownership is only 72 months. So, you really only own your vehicle for 5 months. Worried about dents, dings and scratches? Each manufacturer has different standards, but general wear and tear is expected and not charged for. Products are available from Bobby Rahal Honda of State College at the time of sale to help protect the exterior and interior of your Honda. Worried about needing to have perfect credit? Bobby Rahal Honda has many different programs to make leases available to nearly everyone.

Benefits of Leasing vs. BuyingĀ 
Here are some facts about leasing: Low monthly payments, less cash down required, drive a new Honda Sedan, SUV, Pickup Truck, Minivan, or Hybrid every two to three years, drive the latest Honda with safety and technology features, choose a mileage program that fits your lifestyle, insure a leased Honda like you would a vehicle you financed, guaranteed future value at the end of the lease, buy it outright, turn it in, lease or purchase any new Honda of your choice.